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Admission Requirements

Step 1: Parents interested in enrolling their children must first make an appointment to tour the school and observe a class, followed by an interview with the Principal/Vice-Principal.

Step 2 (optional): If desired, parents will also be given the opportunity to watch a video presentation on the Montessori method of education. 


Step 3: Children for the primary level are invited to spend a morning in the classroom. Applicants for the Elementary program visit the school for one day without the parent as part of the application process.

Step 4: Completed application form. We require the following completed documents:

 Invoice

 Application Form

 Emergency and Health Information (please attach a copy of your child’s updated Immunization Card)

 Pick-Up Authorization

 Tuition Contract

 Uniform Information

 Nagico Student Coverage Form

If you wish to apply online, please download the application form and follow the instructions located on the application page.


Cost and Payment

See our fee schedule and payment plan options here.


Uniform Policy

The St. Maarten Montessori Foundation requires that all students dress professionally while at school.


For more information about our policy please see the link below.


Application Form

You can apply to St.Maarten Montessori Foundation online, or in-person. If you have questions, please visit our contact page for more information about how you can reach us.