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Coronavirus Information

This Safety Plan is evaluated and updated on an ongoing basis.


Additional Information

Sanitation Station Locations:

  • Entrance Gate

  • Sports Court

  • Beneath Pool Deck

  • Staircase

  • Cafeteria

  • Outside Bathrooms on every Floor

  • 5th Floor

Important Considerations:

  • Families returning to the island from abroad will be asked to keep their children home for 2 weeks before sending them to school.

  • Anyone showing signs or symptoms must stay home, or will be sent home and should be tested as soon as possible.

  • Parents must inform the school immediately if their child or someone in their family tests positive.

  • Children should remain at home if anyone in their family is showing symptoms or while they wait for any test results on family members.

  • If a student or staff tests positive the school will be closed for 14 days.

  • The school will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by a company before re-opening.

  • Air conditioners will be thoroughly cleaned before re-opening and on a regular basis.

  • Student’s Personal belongings brought to school should be minimized. If brought to school, personal items, e.g. backpack, clothing, sun protection, water bottles, food, etc., should be labelled.

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