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St. Maarten Montessori Foundation

Coronavirus Information

This Safety Plan is evaluated and updated on an ongoing basis.



Teachers will continue to make use of Online Platforms for both students on campus and/or online.

  • Upper Elementary (UE) Lessons:

    • The UE Teacher will stream lessons from the classroom webcam to accommodate students who require online learning

    • The webcam will only be directed at the teacher, the whiteboard or sharing the teacher’s laptop screen, it will not be directed at the students in the classroom

  • Primary and Lower Elementary Lessons:

    • Some lessons will be pre-recorded and posted online

    • Work will be provided for students to complete at home both digitally and in hardcopy

  • Library Visits:

    • No library visits for shared readings, rather, Ms. Kimberley (Librarian) will visit each classroom

    • A maximum number of students at each table will be indicated with tape.

Note: Swim classes will be on hold for at least 2 weeks.

Classroom Operations


  • Facemasks/ Face shields:

    • Shields are to be worn by staff and students at all times except when eating at snack time and lunch.

    • At Gym and recess time shields stay on.

    • Parents must ensure that their child arrives with their Face Shield (make sure student name is on shield),

    • There are also face shields available for purchase

  • Physical Distancing

    • Social distancing between desks of at least 1M

    • No physical greetings (e.g. No hugging, handshakes, etc.).

    • Plexiglass dividers provided for all Elementary teachers to have on their teacher desks.

    • Movement between classrooms will maintain distance with allocated one  direction arrows 

  • Sanitation:

    • Posters about hygiene procedure will be on display 

    • Hand washing is a mandatory part of class routines (e.g. Every hour, every time entering room).

    • Students must clean their desks at the end and start of class

    • Hygiene supplies will be available in each classroom.

    • Parents must ensure that their child carries a bottle of water and a personal hand sanitizer. ​​

    • Washrooms will be continuously cleaned.

Additional Information

Sanitation Station Locations:

  • Entrance Gate

  • Sports Court

  • Beneath Pool Deck

  • Staircase

  • Cafeteria

  • Outside Bathrooms on every Floor

  • 5th Floor

Important Considerations:

  • Families returning to the island from abroad will be asked to keep their children home for 2 weeks before sending them to school.

  • Anyone showing signs or symptoms must stay home, or will be sent home and should be tested as soon as possible.

  • Parents must inform the school immediately if their child or someone in their family tests positive.

  • Children should remain at home if anyone in their family is showing symptoms or while they wait for any test results on family members.

  • If a student or staff tests positive the school will be closed for 14 days.

  • The school will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected by a company before re-opening.

  • Air conditioners will be thoroughly cleaned before re-opening and on a regular basis.

  • Student’s Personal belongings brought to school should be minimized. If brought to school, personal items, e.g. backpack, clothing, sun protection, water bottles, food, etc., should be labelled.